This paragraph should contain basic information about the character including race, age and occupation. It may also contain information about powers and skills they may have. The name of the character may be the first thing mentioned and should be bold.


History Edit

This section should contain the history of your character, this can include their childhood and may include how the acquired their powers. It should include any history that occurred before the character was introduced to the role-play.

Appearance Edit

This section should include details of the character's appearance, this may include out of costume and in costume variants.

Personality Edit

This section should include details of the character's personality, including mood.

Relationships Edit

This section should include details of any relationships the character may have, this can include allies, partners or family members.

Powers and SkillsEdit

This section should contain details of the character's powers or skills, this may include limitations and restrictions.


This section may contain information such as favourite colour, food, drink or sport.

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